Denise Perron, CHRP, President

Denise Perron, CHRP, President

Denise Perron has more than 25 years experience in the management of pay and employment equity. She provides strategic and pragmatic advice to employers.

Groupe ÆQUITAS has gained the trust of many small, medium and large businesses.

« Handled our request with great professionalism and efficiency. »


Groupe ÆQUITAS provides independent consulting services to business management. Its energy if fully focused on the needs of its clients in matters of equity and compensation.

Groupe ÆQUITAS has the requisite expertise necessary to complete successfully mandates entrusted by our clients.

Our raison d'être

The mission of the consulting firm Groupe ÆQUITAS is to assist employers to comply with laws and regulations as they apply to matters of pay and employment equity.

Errors in the domain of pay equity are costly and can have long-term consequences.

Groupe ÆQUITAS provides strategic and sensible solutions to the challenges posed by pay equity. These solutions ensure that obligations under relevant legislative provisions are fully met, and also ensure that employers maintain their objectives of efficiency and profitability.